To whom it may concern

I am the owner of several properties in the inner north of Canberra. I have over the past couple of years had extensive renovation and development jobs on these properties. I have been very fortunate indeed to have come across Mr. Walter Antioch of executive home. It started with painting work at a Braddon property and then later a new kitchen in my own residence in Turner. I then engaged Mr. Antioch on a house and flat in Downer for renovation work both inside and outside the property. Following this I engaged again Mr. Antioch on substantial renovation work on a rental property in Turner, a large 4 br and 3 bathroom house. I also engaged him for the complete conversion of a back of house into a stylish townhouse fully fitted out to a high standard. All these properties post the work of Mr. Antioch were rented promptly notwithstanding the difficult rental market that was prevailing at the time in Canberra.
From day one it became very clear to me that i had engaged with an outstanding tradesman in Mr. Antioch and his support team. The high quality of their work was very impressive and more impressive was Mr. Antioch’s guidance on design and fixtures and fittings. Hence it made my situation much easier than what I had expected. In effect I was made part of this harmonious ‘team’ and we enjoyed the direction and outcomes as they unfolded. I have friends and neighbor’s who are also impressed with Mr. Antioch work so much so that he has been engaged in other jobs for them. In fact the house in downer was before a very ordinary and plain house to it now being regarded as one of the best in the street.
Mr. Antioch is not only an outstanding tradesman and leader of his team, he is a very decent man who remains calm under all circumstances of problems that arise in this kind of work. He is a kind and generous man and very supportive of his team, no matter what the situation Mr. Antioch will stop work for lunch every day and sit and chat with his team. His outstanding feature is his goal in delivering outcomes that are primarily focused on what the client wants and importantly at the end that the client is very happy with what has been done. It is a rare quality not seen often these days in tradies for home construction works so of course I can but repeat that I am very impressed with Mr. Antioch and will engage with him as more jobs are bound to arise given my property interest
position. I wish him every success.